Becksy Becks

Becksy Becks is a #FLOpoet, contributing author, slam champion, workshop facilitator, co-host on the Mind over Matter event team — an all round lover of words.

Having re-located to London from Birmingham, Becksy Becks’s poetry journey is not too dissimilar to the panicky feeling you get when you cross the road whilst the green man is flashing profusely. Hesitant at first, with a little awkward hop-skippy-run thing in the middle, followed with the confusing feeling of satisfaction and relief.

Her appreciation for alliteration is evident across her writing, weaving a rhythmic subtlety. Since picking up her first newspaper reading and writing have become vital components in maintaining her own narrative, driven by her three life pillars: laughter, love and literature. To best describe Becksy Becks is to call her a Poet by Passion, Dancer by Daydream and Awesome by everything else.